mangerSome Bibles have a blank page between Malachi, the end of the Old Testament and Matthew, the beginning of the New Testament. This blank page represents to many believers that God was silent for 400 years.

Can you imagine how God’s people must have felt during those 400 years of silence? As we read in Matthew, Rome is in charge now. Rome is the biggest, toughest, strongest, wealthiest, ego-centered nation while God’s people are still captives.

God’s people didn’t know what was about to happen on Christmas Eve. Most were feeling hopeless wondering, “What about the 300 predictions of a Savior? Where is He? Is God still with us? Have we done so much wrong that God finally has had enough of us?”

When you read about the birth of Jesus in Luke 2, there are two people who continued to hold out hope of the Lord’s Messiah. Simeon and Anna had grown very old. They believed that no matter how far God’s people had gone away from Him that surely God still loved them. They believed, “Surely God will rescue us. Surely God will send the Savior He promised.”

These two heroes of patience always held out hope and never gave up. Simeon and Anna received their reward for faithfulness and trusting God when they got to see the Messiah with their own eyes when Joseph and Mary brought baby Jesus to the temple to be consecrated.

God had a plan all along throughout those 400 years of silence. He had the date marked on the calendar when the Savior of mankind would come into the world.

Today, there are times when we may feel like things are hopeless. Remember this, history will repeat itself either good or bad. We must hold onto hope, just like Simeon and Anna, and we will be rescued as well. The same Savior they held in their arms over 2000 years ago is now ready to hold you in His arms.

Jesus Christ has come to save us. Our God is reliable and trustworthy. He has been sovereign throughout history. Jesus is coming back. The date is already on God’s calendar! Who knows, it may be today! Let’s wait patiently and with eager expectation while sharing the hope of Jesus with others.

Merry Christmas from Mac & Mary