We watched the 1st year beginning concert for 3 schools’ elementary band and orchestra . Conductor Johnathan Weedman teaches the same thing to the students at each school. The concert was the first time all 3 schools, 115 children performed together. It was amazing hearing children, who have never all played together before, make sweet music together. 

Mr. Weedman said the common goal he first teaches them to focus on: Starting together. Staying together. Ending together.

He shared how these lessons can also apply in everyday life as they grow up. Our grandson was listening intently and nodding his head affirming what his teacher was saying. Sure made us smile. 

Just like in learning an instrument and playing with others this can work in our daily lives too.

Start together: Seize the opportunity. Try new things. Work together as a team.

Stay together: You’re going to have challenges along the way. Don’t give up.

End together: By working hard and staying the course, you will be part of bringing beauty and enjoyment to yourself and others. #music #orchestra #band #worktogetherplaytogether #nevergiveup   #staythecourse #celebraterecovery

Start Together. Stay Together. End Together.