We’ve got 35″ of snow in the past 11 days. I’m thankful for electricity, running water, a fireplace, stove, fridge and a roof over our head, along with vehicles to get to the grocery store in 10 minutes.

There’s part of a chimney on a tiny slab made of concrete & rocks along with a chicken coop on our property that was built 100 years ago. I can’t even imagine how they survived here in these weather conditions back then. They had to be some tough mountain folks.

It’s nice sitting by the fire sipping on homemade soup. Everything is quiet. Everything is still. Everything looks fresh and clean outside. There will be a mud season coming up when the snow melts. But for now, I am slowing down a bit to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

After I wrote that I saw Mac drive by in his truck. His truck started sliding off the road down toward the lake. So now he’s inside too and he’s leaving his truck where it is until it stops snowing and he can dig it out. :)