We heard Steven Furtick say: The enemy realizes our potential.  He tempts us not with a chain.  He tempts us with a little choice. That choice turns into a habit, which becomes a chain that we drag around for years. 

The enemy laughs that we took the bait. We believed the lie that God was withholding something good from us. We took the reins and decided to guide our lives in our own way. We blamed God instead of Satan for the hurt inflicted on us. We were in denial of the hurt we put on others and on ourselves.

The pain, shame and guilt keep coming back. The evil one schemes to kill, steal and destroy our testimony that God doesn’t waste a hurt.

BUT, we don’t have to stay bound to those heavy depressing chains! When we listen, believe and obey Jesus’ teachings, the truth will set us free!  (John 8:36)

We serve a chain-breaking God!

We are no longer a slave to fear! 

We chain ourselves to grace, truth and love now!

God views us as holy in His sight, forgiven and free!

Our names are engraved on the palm of His hand! 

He will never let us go!

When you say yes to God, He will use the broken chains of your past—your testimony—to set others free!

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”  Revelation 12:11

In Celebrate Recovery, we are building a legacy of no-fear, faith-filled, hope-bound Forever Family.

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