Recently, Mac & I were enjoying a beautiful day yesterday skiing all over Breckenridge mountain. All of a sudden things changed:

We were on Peak 7 heading to a TexMex place for lunch skiing a Blue Run called Phoenix. I was gathering some speed where it was straight down. I was going to make an S turn to slow down. My downhill ski caught my other ski.

My feet flew up in the air. I turned a flip and landed on the back of my helmet & neck. My legs were hurting because one leg was turned backwards over the other. So I sat up to try to take my skis off to straighten my legs back out.

I couldn’t unbuckle my skis from the pain in my neck. So I laid back down crying in pain. Mac was already at the ski lift and didn’t know what happened wondering where I was.

A skier (angel from Houston) stopped to help me. She got my skis off & called 911. Then she found my phone in my coat pocket to call Mac. My whole body couldn’t stop shaking. I couldn’t move my head from the excruciating pain.

I lay in the snow for 45 mins while paramedics assessed my situation. Mac talked to the paramedic in charge and she said for him to stay put because they would be coming down that way. The ski patrol put skis up in an “X” to warn people to stay away.

I asked if it was going to hurt my head riding down mountain on the back of a sled. She said, Ma’am: We’re going to do the best we can to keep you comfortable but you are on the side of a mountain up in the alpines. :)

Mac said there were 3 “red coats paramedics” and 7 “yellow coats safety patrol” bringing me down the mountain on a sled wrapped up like a burrito. Then Mac got on one of the snowmobiles with one of the safety patrol to ride the rest of the way down the mountain with us. They took me to a medical facility, thoroughly checked me out and then said it was imperative I be taken to the hospital in the next town, Frisco.

During the ambulance ride the pain was so severe that they tried to get IV in for pain meds but I was dehydrated and the needle refused to go in. So they gave me nasal spray of Fentanyl. I know why people get addicted to that now. It took the pain away immediately & I quit shaking. At hospital they gave me more pain meds.

I called the ER nurse, Houdini, as she was able to get my 2 shirts off without moving my head. Doc assessed I didn’t break my neck because my legs & arms could move and weren’t tingling. But they said I may have fractures in my neck or scapula. I lay flat in a neck collar until the cat scan was read. There were emergencies all around us in the ER. Intercom saying things like “Trauma Team stat to Room 4.” I was thankful they weren’t having to come to my room.

Cat scan revealed no concussion and no broke bones! Cervical muscle strain; I can deal with that! Prescribed pain meds and Doc said I will be good to travel tomorrow to Austin for the conference. I believe I would not be here today if I had not had my helmet on.

I can’t sing praises enough to the Breck Staff, Ambulance Paramedics & Summit Medical Center. They were all amazing and I thank God for each one of them that attended to me. Thank you!!!

Mac said after we knew I was going to be ok: Life is never boring with you, Mary. 

Mac gave me this verse as we keep thanking God: “But you, God, shield me on all sides. You ground my feet. You lift my head high.” (Psalm 3:3)