We survived the snow apocalypse. Yesterday, Mac snowplowed for 8 hours digging us out and helping others. Many times the snow prediction misses us. And then other times we get twice as much. We thought we were going to wake up to a fresh white blanket of snow on March 13, 2019. There was no snow in sight. Then within the hour, soft snow starting falling. Then the bomb cyclone began.

I was so worried every time Mac would go outside to check on things. Our generator was acting up. The electricity kept flickering. I would look out the window for him but visibility was zero. I would open the door and call his name. But the snow was blowing so hard there’s no way he could hear me. I wouldn’t hear from him for a couple of hours at a time.

Our neighbor who lives about 4 miles from us knocked on our door. He wanted to surprise us by plowing our driveway. His truck had slid off the driveway and was stuck. After Mac pulled him out, we told him to go home immediately! This was not a normal snowstorm.  

Mac decided to go to the barn to get on his tractor and do a snowplow run to stay ahead of the storm. His truck slid off the road and became stuck. So he came in and we watched as the storm developed on TV News11 Live updates.

We were hearing stories of hundreds of people stranded. A trooper was killed while he was helping a stranded person. Another car went out of control on the snow and hit him. Another person was climbing The Incline. It took a team of 18 first responders to rescue him. Our poodle, Monroe, was even scared to go outside. He would go to the door, but when he heard the wind and the snow hit his face, he turned around and came back in quickly. It was insanity outside!

Our neighbor’s wife called around 6:00 pm saying her husband wasn’t home yet.  She went out looking for him and got their vehicle stuck and had to walk back home in the blizzard. I said, “What?!!! He left our house at noontime, he should be home!!!” I called 911 for her. I worried nobody could get to our neighbor before dark. What if he ran off the road again and was knocked out?

At this same time, Mac was in his Jeep going to the barn to try to get the tractor out again. I didn’t know it but the Jeep got stuck and the 4wheeler was stuck in high drifts of snow. Mac was trudging through hip deep snow to get back home.  I went outside with Monroe to see if we could find Mac. We both sank hip deep!  I felt helpless not knowing what to do!

When Mac came back in the house, I told him what happened to our neighbor. Mac turned around and went right back out to go try to find him.  It was going to be dark in 30 minutes. The snow cyclone was relentless. Now I was worried about Mac leaving with darkness coming. My worry escalated to thinking of me being left all alone in the house in this storm while Mac may get stuck somewhere in the freezing dark forest. And I couldn’t even imagine what happened to our neighbor!

As Mac was preparing to leave, I called his wife back to tell her Mac was on the way to try to find her husband. She said with excitement: He just walked in the door!!!  In the whiteout, he had turned on the wrong forest road going back home.  His truck got stuck again. He started walking in the blizzard. He didn’t have on snow boots. He had no phone, water or food.

All of a sudden he realized he had turned on the wrong road! He backtracked walking and finally made it back to the main forest road. It took him 6 hours to walk home! He is blessed to be alive!

I never heard of a bomb cyclone before March 13th.  I’m thankful it’s a new day!

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