October 9, 2019:  Meteorologists predict snow for the mountains.  Mac stacked chopped wood on the deck, winterized the camper, drained all the garden hose bibs, removed the shade cloth over the garden and took the cats to the barn.

Afterwards, we decided to take a hike before the winter blast hit. It’s a beautiful drive towards Cripple Creek on Hwy 67.

This old mine marks the trailhead of Horsethief Falls where we began.
After a half mile hike, the road forked to hike 3 more miles to Pancake Rocks.
The dazzling gold aspen leaves put on a spectacular show against the Colorado bluebird sky.  We stopped along the way to take in the scenery and breath in the fresh air while enjoying God’s handiwork!
On our way home, we saw another spectacular sight. Look at that huge bull elk letting the other bulls no who’s the boss of this herd.
Yesterday it was 65 degrees and sunshine. Today, we woke up to 11 degrees and snowing.
Aren’t these the cutest deer?!! We always get excited when the first snow begins in October!