What an amazing recovery journey Mac and I have been on for 32 years. We are so grateful for all the people God continues to bring into our lives through Celebrate Recovery. What a fun day of speaking and connecting with Forever Family at the CR conference at First Baptist Church, Covington, LA.
Jeni Baker had a great idea of us creating our own self-guided tour, walking, eating and riding on street cars to experience NOLA culture. Jeni would look up specifics about each place we visited on her phone. She was like our virtual tour guide! We walked 18 miles in two days!
We started out the first day with the whole traveling team. Before they went to set up for the conference, we enjoyed hot beignets and coffee.
The unique sights and sounds in New Orleans are so fun to experience. The ornate metal fences and gates are fascinating to me!
Oh my, the Garden District homes were so beautiful! First home is where Peyton Manning grew up as a child and still lives there today. Second home belongs to Sandra Bullock. We could barely see her home due to the overgrown bushes, I guess for privacy. Can’t blame her for that. We also saw 2 homes belonging to Anne Rice. One was where she lived and another was a backdrop for her novel, “The Witching Hour.”
We wanted to experience a lot of yummy southern food. So when we ordered something, Johnny & Jeni, Mac & I would split an order four ways to sample. Then we were off to the next foodie experience! The Muffuletta, pronounced “moo-full-lette-tah!” was incredible! When we walked in, the smell reminded me of touring Italy with John & Cheryl!
A tradition for us is brunch at Brennan’s. The whole traveling team was going together. We were so excited and then found out Brennan’s was booked through the weekend. Later that day, the four of us were walking through the French Quarters. It became a unanimous decision that I go into Brennan’s, to ask in my southern voice, if they could possibly do a walk-in for four. The host said to come back at 6:00 and he would get us in, oh yeah, baby!!!

Bennachin restaurant is a taste of Africa we did a few years ago on a bicycle culinary tour. We had to go back! And it was just as good as we remembered!

Johnny’s PoBoys have the absolute best fried shrimp poboys ever, PERIOD!
Our last supper was at Deanies, which is also a tradition, to enjoy the best fried seafood and hushpuppies! On our walk back to the car in the French Quarters, we savored freshly made creamy pralines at Southern Candymakers.
We so enjoyed the street musicians all day long! We even walked around Lafayette Square at the Blue & Barbecue Festival. We ate tasty sweet potato pie while looking at the artist’s creations in white tents.

As we walked back to our car, things changed as it got dark quickly. We walked by two creepy looking clowns. Then there were walking tour groups along the way with their host telling scary stories. Since it’s almost Halloween, I figure they were ramping it up a bit. I don’t like scary stories, so I hummed as we walked by them so I couldn’t hear.

I appreciate Mac and Johnny so much. There were times during the day, Jeni and I weren’t paying attention to where we were headed. We were just enjoying the shopping and eating. Anytime Bourbon St. was ahead, our men would redirect our tour.
I think of Mac and Johnny when I read this verse, “Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light.” (Luke 11:34)
I’m so thankful for honest godly men living upright in this dark world.
This wall surrounds the Lafayette Cemetery founded 1833.
Now after making wonderful memories, it’s time to get home and get back to healthy eating.