We love being a part of the National Team for Celebrate Recovery. We get to meet people all over the world who are followers of Jesus Christ.  People who love to share the hope they have in Christ.

A few years ago, Mac and I decided to bring our oldest grandchild to one of the training events. Ever since then, as the other grandkids are getting older, we bring one or two of them to a conference occasionally.

Last week we were in Orlando teaching at a Celebrate Recovery training event. We took two of our grandsons, ages 12 and 10.  Johnny brought his son, 11.  And Marnie brought her daughter, 12. It was so sweet watching them interact together.

My eyes filled with happy tears having them with us to experience the amazing praise & worship we get to be a part of at each conference.  We are planting seeds in our grandchildren’s hearts; the desire to minister to the hurting, to help them find healing. 

They are the next generation of people who will be equipped to deal with life’s hurts, hang-ups and habits. Unlike many of us in our younger days, they will be prepared.

National CR Tech Director, Bobbi & her husband, Jim, enjoying praise & worship.

I have always prayed our children, and now grandchildren, won’t have the hurts we’ve had in our past. And they haven’t so far. But since we live in a broken world, they will have some kind of hurt living on this earth.  

I believe there will always be a need for Celebrate Recovery. Everyone is welcome. We say to come as you are.  All you have to do to qualify is to be human and identify that you, too, have a hurt, hang-up or habit. No perfect people allowed.

National CR Conference Director, Marnie Buehler and I enjoyed reuniting with friends, the Kellers and the Bierys, of many years in Celebrate Recovery!
Jeff Stultz, Natl. CR Director Broken Chains shows the kids photos when he went frog gigging with our hometown CR group in West Monroe, Louisiana.
National CR Conference Manager, Nicole Bistline (Nicki), is always filled with joy organizing the many details with CR leaders like the Event Coordinators in Orlando, Tommy and Dawn.

An added blessing for us: when we take a grandchild with us, after the seminar is over, we find something close by to make a fun memory together! This time we took them to Disneyworld. Our grandsons said it was a trip they will never forget. But the thing that took us back a little was when we asked their favorite memory of the trip, expecting them to say something about Disney, they said being with the other two other kids who came on the trip.

We stood in line for 2 hours for Avatar Flight of Passage. It was worth it!

Our grandchildren are starting to get it.  It’s not about the rides. It’s all about relationships and who we take with us on the ride.

See that white haired guy? That’s Mac with grandsons in the car behind him.