November 30, 2019:  Our daughter, Callie, helped host a Christmas tree cutting event in the Colorado National Forest. Callie asked me to help as they were serving chili, hot chocolate, hot dogs and desserts. She also created a Christmas photo booth.

The road was narrow, snow-packed and icy. As I met a vehicle coming out of the forest, it was difficult for either vehicle to move over. The truck coming towards me slid off into the ditch of deep snow. Then I saw others behind him that got stuck in the ditch as well.

There were 5 vehicles behind me with another one stuck in the ditch. It was a standstill of 5 cars one way and 5 cars the other way.  Men started coming out of their vehicles with shovels to help dig out the stuck vehicles. The situation turned into teamwork.

One hour later, we were all ready to move forward slowly to pass one another. Both first cars facing each other started moving ahead and then all of a sudden stopped. Everybody realized that one lane of cars needed to pull over, the slightest bit, and let the other lane of cars pass by first. There was some negotiation of which lane would get to go first.

Whew, I made it to the tree cutting location. There was a sense of camaraderie high-fiving and woo-hooing, as each vehicle arrived safely.  We confirmed, at the end of the day, nobody would be left behind leaving out of the forest.

Then later that day, our grandson, Gannon, with his Palmer Ridge football teammates, were playing in the semi-finals. The fierce wind made the wind chill feel like 10 degrees. Everybody was wrapped in layers of clothes and blankets. The field was muddy and the players were freezing. The players worked extremely hard pulling together as a team.

All their hard work paid off. Gannon’s team won!!!

And now they are going to the state championship, December 7 in Pueblo!

Teamwork is a vital key to success in any situation!