Victoria, Rose & I played Christmas music outside welcoming the crowd to our Christmas Eve service. When the service wrapped up,  we played in the foyer as folks were leaving.  I loved getting to play with my forever sisters! 

Before Mac & I were in recovery, I started learning how to play the violin while listening to our daughters at their violin lessons. They starting playing at 3 years old. I began picking out songs to play bluegrass music with my dad. It gave me something positive to do during those difficult pre-recovery years.

Then when Mac & I started working on our recovery, my violin went to the wayside as I had important things to focus on.  It was always in the back in my mind, though, that I would pick my violin back up one day. Those recovery years have flown by!

30 years later, I started taking lessons. Within in a few months I had a car accident and got a double concussion. I wasn’t able to play for 2 years.  I started back playing again January 2019. Then I had a ski accident that February. That put me back down again for a bit.

But I’ve been determined to not stop learning. I know it’s good for the brain to learn new things as we get older. And this has been so much fun for me.

While we were playing music at the Christmas Eve service and hearing the harmony we were creating, I started to get choked up with tears.  My heart was so happy to be a part of this service.

Impact Christian Church, Woodland Park, Colorado
Photo credit: David Rusterholtz
Merry Christmas from Mac & Mary Family!
Photo credit: Ronnie & Kirk Young