It had been snowing all day and our driveway was getting a little icy. I decided I could make it to my violin lesson. Driving out of the national forest, a man in a truck pulling a camper came around the corner. We both put on our brakes as we slid towards one another. The man decided to run into the snow embankment instead of plowing into my car!

I watched him spin his tires trying to get out of the ditch. I got out of the car telling him we lived not too far down the road and I could get my husband to help pull him out. He was grateful saying his 4wheel drive wasn’t working. I couldn’t turn my car around as the snow berm was high on both sides of the narrow road.

I tried to back down to our house but there was the steep hill that caused my car to hit a tree 3 years ago and give me a concussion. So, I decided to abandon my car and walk home to get Mac.

As I walked down the hill, I remembered the picture I saw earlier that morning from a friend who shot a mountain lion that looked like a prehistoric mammoth a few days before. They had seen his tracks near our property! So, I’m thinking as I’m walking home, I don’t have my gun with me. And I probably look like a tasty appetizer for a mountain lion out here all alone.

I started singing and clapping to make noise that I wasn’t scared! When I got to our driveway, I started hollering Mac’s name. Mac heard me shouting, threw all his tools down, as he was building the horse fences, and headed in his truck to find me. When he saw me walking down the driveway the look of fear came over his face. He thought I had another car accident.  I told him everything was ok, he just needed to help a man out of the ditch.

Next day Mac was leaving the house and saw my footprints on the hill from the day before. I laughed seeing this picture. I was walking so careful not to slip on the ice on one side and not get too far over on the other side and sink in the deep snow. I placed one foot in front of the other to make it home without sliding or rolling down the hill. HA!

And I’m hoping to never see a mammoth mountain lion except in the zoo.