Mac Owen is the Celebrate Recovery National Director. Mary is the Celebrate Recovery National Director Training Coach. Mac and Mary were married on December 27, 1976. They have been working together in recovery since 1988. They have shared their testimony to countless people globally in churches, Celebrate Recovery training events and meetings, mission trips, rehabs, prisons, and festivals. They are sought-after speakers since sharing their testimony in 2008 at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA to 3,600 leaders from around the world.

Mary Owen was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. Mary’s father, the late Alton Howard, was an entrepreneur who in 1946 founded Howard Bros. Jewelers.  In 1959, he opened Howard Bros. Discount Stores.  In 1969, he started Howard Publishing Co. Their home was also the publishing warehouse. Mary, as a teen, answered the phone taking orders, typing the invoices and shipping cases of books around the world after school.  Mary transcribed her father’s writings for twenty years.  In 2006, they sold Howard Publishing to Simon & Schuster now under the name Howard Books.

Mac Owen grew up a military child who moved to Monroe, Louisiana in 1974 when he was in 10th grade. They have been married since 1976 and have three children and ten grandchildren now. They opened M&M Millworks (cabinet shop) in 1984 and sold their business in 2012 to work full time in ministry.  In 1991, both Mac & Mary attended seminary for two years & graduated from White’s Ferry Road School of Biblical Studies. Mac was ordained as an elder at White’s Ferry Road Church in 1995 and served until they moved to Colorado in 2012.

Today, Mac is an elder at Impact Christian Church in Woodland Park, Colorado. Their Louisiana home has been transformed into a recovery house for men under the ministry, Awaken 514. Contact Josh Hudnall for more information: or

Their testimony is on the Celebrate Recovery Testimonies To Go, Vol. 7-8 DVD. Their story is  highlighted in the CR books: “Celebrate Recovery Leader’s Guide” (updated version), “Your First Step To Celebrate Recovery” published January, 2013 and “Life Healing Choices” revised and updated version. Mac co-authored, “Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotionals” with John Baker and Johnny Baker. Mary revised and updated “Celebrate Recovery Advanced Leadership Guide.” All are available at

Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Jared Pingleton invited Mac and Mary to partner with AACC by writing a chapter in the book, “The Struggle is Real“.  People with concerns like mental health issues, addictions, abuse of all kinds, suicide, domestic violence, cohabitation, and out of wedlock births typically turn first to the church for help. Yet most churches are not equipped to adequately minister to the depth and magnitude of these overwhelming problems. This book was created as a comprehensive resource to provide the church with practical tools to care for these hurting people in a biblically sound and emotionally healthy way. The American Association of Christian Counselors hope and pray this book finds its way into the hands of every pastor, church leader, counselor, and Christian caregiver in America. Because the struggle is real indeed.

Mary also co-authored the book, “Witness” by Debbie Webb and Mary Owen.

Mac and Mary wrote their amazing story of God’s miraculous work in their lives, “Never Let Go“.